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Galaxy S23 launch


The NovaRetail division has just concluded the launch of the new Galaxy S23 and at the same time of the new Galaxy Book3, accepting the challenge launched by Samsung to cover the 436 stores on the Open Market channel distributed throughout Italy in just 7 days from the moment of unpack.

The greatest difficulty in this type of activity, that for years we have carried out and we continue to execute every time with greater organization and precision, is exactly the temporal variable not only during the actual installations but above all during the phase of preparation.
As with every product launch, NovaRetail has provided its support with an important deployment of internal and external resources.

Project managers deal with the global management of the project with back office and front office activities; the logistics department manages the dedicated databases to arrange appointments in store as well as the progress of the installations directly shared with the customer through the online portal “INSIDE” where the photographic documentation is stored with real-time reports updated through dedicated Apps shared with the teams of builders.
The warehouse takes care of the preparation of all the materials and equipment needed for each installation, divided by store, also working on night shifts to meet the timing to reach the goal.

Specific training activities are constantly carried out for the 24 teams involved before the installation starts.
Once again our thanks go to the team, the technique, and the experience of great professionals… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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Galaxy S23 launch

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