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Design Center

Every design process starts with sharing, with the brief.

The first macro-area to which our circular model refers is the Design Centre, the Novaretail department characterised by designers, architects and engineers who follow the initial stages of each project: from brief to industrialisation. The team is made up of ten professionals, with experience in a wide range of product sectors with a strong specialisation in technological innovation and electro-medical, from space design to product.

We sign over 100 projects every year.
Professionals at your service We assign a team of 10 professionals to each project.
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CREATIVITY - Your ideas... our solutions

All our projects are born from an idea; the idea appears from a customer request or simply from the need to highlight a product or its relative brand.

The Design Centre team sustains the customer and supports him to develop the project together respecting the aesthetic needs and the communication criteria predefined by possible guidelines, timing and costs. Thanks to advanced industrial drawing and photorealistic rendering software, we share with the customer every evolution of the project using innovative presentation systems from 3D Animation and Web Collaboration to prototyping with 3D printing.

Design Process

step 01

Brief and study of the project, timing and costs.

step 02

Render of project


step 03

Site visit and


step 04




The company know-how, the specialization of individual skills, their ability to work in synergy are just some of the strengths of this department capable of combining design, functionality and conscious choice of adequate materials within each individual project.

know how

from retail to electromedical


highly qualified


sharing of skills

INNOVATION - Projects, processes and tailor made services

The action, the work of innovating, in other words, of introducing new systems, new sets of rules, new production methods: this concept guides all the members of Novaretail in every phase of the circular model. From the Design Centre, thanks to the use of the most contemporary rendering and presentation technological platforms, to the design of the product itself, capable of responding to always changing needs such as flexibility and modularity, making it adaptable in space and time. From production processes with flexible and rapid production and assembly systems to the use of cutting-edge technologies to produce single elements or mass production. To the Services with innovative logistics, shipping and packaging activities able to manage single set-ups as massive installations keeping the customer updated in real-time on the progress thanks to designated software. In addition, solutions dedicated to the environmental management offering innovative services for the collection, renewal and reinstallation of the product or the management of the correct disposal of each single component.


INDUSTRIALIZATION - Your inspiration takes shape

The industrialization activity allows the project to move from the creative idea to the executive phase. Thanks to the skills of the team and to innovative parametric software, we offer our customers a great flexibility in product development: from single tailor-made production to modular series production, this flexibility allows it to be adapted to any situation, reducing production and installation costs. An important phase of the industrialization is the prototyping of the product: the fusion of innovative technologies (3D printing, laser, CNC, etc) and artisan skills allows to create samples to make the customer able to directly evaluate his idea, our technical skills, the correct approach to the project and to examine dimensions, materials, finishes and aesthetic results.

Prototyping and additive printing – Technology at the service of creativity

To be up with the times we design innovations with state of the art tools.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Entrust us with your project, we will do the rest.

This figure will take care of managing all the activities necessary for the progress of the project, being the only representative for our Client. The Project Manager defines with the customer all the required phases and supports him/her for the definition of processes (design, industrialization, production, services …) and compliance with deadlines. The quality control of materials, production, processes, installation and services is carried out by the PM safeguarding the needs of our customers and applying accurate evaluation criteria.

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