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The right way doesn’t exist, there’s only the right approach.

There are many ways to do it right, our goal is just that: to search, day by day, the right METHOD to get a winning project.

We have been investigating for over 25 years on the optimization of the project phases, on the characteristics that make a work really complete, and what we have understood and what allows us to grow every time is that the RIGHT WAY doesn’t exist, there’s only the right approach: a modus operandi able to adapt to the continuous changes, to the evolution of technology, skills  and above all to the requests of our customers. From this vision comes the CIRCULAR model, a complete path defined by three macro areas of the sector and 16 operational phases in continuous evolution which allow a correct and complete management of the project according to the specific needs and requests of the customer.

circular model


complete Model

the customer may decide to join the circular model at any stage by entrusting Novavision to follow them through all 16 steps or only part of them.


cyclic Model

One of the winning features of the Circular model is its cyclical nature, it doesn’t start and doesn’t end but grows and evolves over time.  This makes the MODEL truly successful and in step with the times, and above all GREEN: offering the uninstalled elements a second life starting from the creative brief.

Discover all the sections of the circular model

A team at your disposal

The Novaretail team at your disposal

Your ideas, our solutions

Working together each step of the way of your project.

Projects, processes and tailor made services 

Each request has its own project development.

Your ispiration takes shape

Technology at the base of every project.

Leave your project in our hands, we'll take care of the rest

Use our skills to realize your integrated spaces.

Working together is our strength

The best results always come through cooperation.


Technology at your service

Innovation is part of our ways.

Retail is interaction

Live the space, not just occupying.

We take care of your product

A labelling system allows us to offer an impeccable service.

Numbers tell us

Over 8000 sq m of warehouse and pallet area.

The advantages of a modular design

The ability to evolve the project in a new way anytime.

Our logistic network

The Novaretail team's organization is our strength 

Rapid Start-Up and constant Follow-up

From the idea to the physical space.

Always INSIDE your project

Innovation in each step, always on time.

Management of your data and visibility

Monitoring of your data always at your disposal.

Pick up and disposal: a total project

We take care of this activity, always mindful about sustainability.


nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed

Each project is ready to be reborn.


working together is our strength

The integrated space lives only if it is defined by more skills, more professional figures who decide to work together. This approach is part of our method. We collaborate synergistically with different realities that allow us to define more and more complete projects and performances of the highest level.

Satisfying our own needs never compromises the needs of future generations. This is the aim of Gaia, the sustainable development project in which we actively participate.