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Our history, the greatest project

Just like energy nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, everything is in continuous metamorphosis, as we are, our customers are as well as our projects… our history is composed by this continuous motion, by this evolution.

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The Boffi Audio Rack is born

The end of the 70s ... the beginning of a winning project.


The display division was born at the end of the 70s as a branch of an OEM production company of loudspeakers, Rack furniture, TV supports, for the Japanese giants and for the entire consumer electronics market.

The founder, Flavio Peralda, went into a partnership with the prestigious company Boffi Cucine and the Boffi Audio Rack Division was established, which in addition to the OEM production, launched on the market its own lines of loudspeakers, audio / video furniture and car stereo speakers with Audikron and Je Speaker brands, establishing themselves in a very short time in the Hi Fi market


Display units for points of sale

Displays and POP materials.


Riding the changes and evolutions of the market, based on its experience in the processing of materials and electronics, the division diversified its production by creating display cabinets and POP materials. This caused a strengthening of the commercial division dedicated to communication materials at the point of sale, which in a very short time counted among its customers important brands such as Blaupunkt, Clarion, Panasonic, Technics, specializing in the design and production of car stereo and navigation systems, remaining faithful to the origins of the consumer electronic market.

Novavision acquires the Display business unit



Novavision acquired a branch of the Display company. Novavision acquired the Display division from Vidikron / Boffi Audio Rack and founded the Retail division for the study, the production and the supply of exhibiting instruments for large-scale distribution and consumer electronics.



The collaboration with Samsung

Exhibiting walls


Cathode ray tube TVs left room for flat screen TVs and thanks to Samsung, the Korean giant, the first exhibiting walls for LCD TVs were designed, fabricated and placed in the points of sale, becoming pioneers of this new and revolutionary way of displaying.


The LCD era

The high resolution of Retail and Contract


The retail division created on behalf of Qchannel a division of ENEL thousands of totems with integrated CRT and LCD monitors for the disclosure of scientific information within medical studies. With the same technology, it produced products with its own design, introducing the first high-resolution LCD monitors with a cutting-edge design in the Italian market, also becoming ENEL's supplier for low energy and high-resolution LCD computer monitors


Ten years of great encounters

A growing international portfolio continually growth


The relationship with Samsung was strengthened and even today we can proudly say that we are one of their priority suppliers with a partnership consolidated in almost twenty years. In this decade our portfolio has expanded, counting among our customers other important multinational corporations such as BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCOS that we serve all over the world for DUNHILL, PALL MALL and LUCKY STRIKE brands, and again SWAROVSKI, ENEL, LG ELECTRONICS, SONY, PANASONIC, HEINEKEN, PHILIPS, DE BEERS.....

Experience zone

The interaction between devices and user experience.


In collaboration with Samsung, a new revolutionary project was born for the large-scale distribution (GDO) and for the shopping experience. The exposure method on the point of sale changed. Display cabinets left room for increasingly large and impactful areas. A Shop in Shop where you could live a real shopping experience. The Experience Zone concept was developed, an area entirely dedicated to Audio Video and Home Entertainment products and the concept of connection between products was born (Audio/video products connected with tablets, smartphones and cameras). Not only can the customer see the products exhibited on the wall, but he can also interact through designated stations with these devices and appreciate their potential and the interaction between them.


The designer furniture to be exhibited

A new adventure alongside Samsung


The turning point came also for telephony which led to a new consumer experience and also this time Novavision stood side by side with samsung to face this new experience. Entire areas dedicated to the mobile world were born, not only smartphones but also tablets, wearables and dedicated accessories. All gathered in a single space where the customer can have an immersive experience at 360 ° with an overview of new mobile technologies and their connections.

Novaretail is born

A new image for an evolving BU


Retail and Contract decides to evolve its image as well, representing a company with a consolidated history that wants to show, right from the logo, that it belongs to the Novavision group.

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