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PICK AND PACK - The advantages of a modular design

The modular design approach

Within the circular model, the Pick & Pack activity allows to prepare the necessary components quickly and specifically for each individual set-up by drawing from the product warehouse. Through picking cards, 2D code, double labelling and digital picking systems we guarantee the management of material preparation from the single special set-up with designated components up to the massive shipping of countless materials to multiple destinations.



fewer components
in stock

fewer special

reduced cost

LOGISTICS - Our capillary network

Our logistics system relies on decades of experience that has allowed us to define over time a qualified team and a dense network of partners of the highest level to offer an impeccable service: we are able to manage from the setting up of the single tailor-made point of sale to the massive updating of exhibition spaces up to the management of the maintenance of the installed products.

INSTALLATION/MAINTENANCE - Rapid start-up and constant Follow-Up

Confident in the skills of the teams located throughout the territory, Novaretail ensures a 360-degree service for installation, ranging from the replacement of a single graphic to the setting up of entire exhibition areas and the complete management of post-installation maintenance.

teams located throughout the territory
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Installations of up to 1000 svp in 10 days
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Rapid start-up from 24 hours after receipt of the goods

TRACKING always inside your project

Guaranteeing an impeccable service, monitoring several teams working simultaneously throughout the territory is only possible thanks to a perfect management of information, data and documentation.

We have developed a computer platform, INSIDE, able to store useful information making possible a capillary control on all activities. The platform contains the tasks to be performed with the work instructions to be shared with the teams, the demonstration video and the order forms, as well as the photo-reportage of the installations in progress, visible in real time also to the final customer. Always in the platform it will be possible to see the transport documents correctly filled in and filed, as well as the management of the data coming from our Survey system.

conclusion of the works
sending survay
sending data to the customer

DOCUMENTATION - Transparancy and data management

Through the INSIDE platform we support our customer for the management of bureaucratic documentation related to the set-ups: we manage the transport documents and the delivery report on behalf of the customer, the collection of privacy policies for data processing and the management of the degree of satisfaction of the point of sale.


A project is truly complete only if it also includes the disposal of materials used, this is our method, this is how we want to act: in a sustainable manner and in full respect of the planet that hosts us. 

We offer a service of dismantling and disposal with sorting of raw materials with a view to recycling with constant attention to environmental issues. This service is part of Novavision’s Gaia project: A sustainable development path which sees us active on several projects, constantly evolving over time.

RECONDITIONING AND RENOVATION OF PRODUCTS - Each project is ready to be born

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.

Reconditioning a set-up is the final and at the same time the initial part of our circular model.

Everything changes, everything evolves as well as the project which, through this phase, can live again in a new connotation starting from the creative brief activity. This phase makes our service complete and innovative, drastically reducing waste and safeguarding the Customer’s investments. By collecting the products already set up in view of recovery, we recondition them to rearrange them in other locations or to insert them into completely new projects. It is the design that manages to give new life to the design itself, It is the victory of reason over excessive consumerism, It is the entirely sustainable idea of acting by satisfying our own needs and allowing future generations to fulfil theirs.