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working together is our strength

the strength of the team is always greater than that of the individual: this is one of the core values ​​of our group, the integrated space lives on this concept, just like every project signed by Novaretail. Collaborating with other entrepreneurial realities allows us to obtain complete products from a qualitative and economic point of view, because sharing know-how, qualitative and environmental procedures leads us to obtain impeccable results without having to coordinate multiple external suppliers.

PROCESSING - Working together is our strength

The second macro-section of the circular model is production.

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies, we ensure the processing of the most diverse materials (metal, wood, plastics, solid surfaces, …). We have a dense network of collaborations with other realities with which we share values and quality standards, which allows us to give added value to the material with new finishing processes. In this way we obtain a synergic work between collaborators, internal teams and PMs, obtaining every time the best aesthetic, functional and economical result, and above all respecting time. This organized and capillary system allows us to work on the single product just as for the series production without neglecting any detail. In addition to the dense network of technologies and advanced finishes, we have decades of know-how in the electromedical sector that has allowed us to specialize vertically from applied electronics to hardware and software programming. We always deliver to our customer a complete project which makes use of IT and digital management, and remote support.

DIGITAL - Retail is interaction.

Retail is always an experience, an interaction of man with space: the task of the designers is to design volumes, areas and imagine the movement of man in that space.

Novaretail, thanks to its long experience in the development of electronic and electro-medical equipment, offers customized and integrated electronic solutions within the space by using audio/video systems with players, dynamic and automated lighting engineering, holograms, anti-shoplifting systems.

Our projects are never static but live off these interactions designed with users, physical and virtual places to allow big brands to tell their stories in our spaces.

ASSEMBLY - We take care of your product

Our internal production laboratories give us the possibility to assemble the semi-finished products and complete the product from an aesthetic and constructive point of view and, when necessary, manage the electrical and electronic setup, completing the process with a final testing phase before packing and storing the goods.

Each component is packed, labeled and coded to facilitate the picking phase and guarantee the traceability of the product in the following phases of the circular model. The coding of the packaging is important for the traceability of the product and for this reason we have designed an internal system of capillary labeling that allows us to have the management of lots always under control and thus offer an impeccable service.