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Galaxy S21 launch


The launch on the global market of a new smartphone signed Samsung is a fascinating challenge that employs many resources. For the Italian market, also this time, the challenge has been successfully taken by the NovaRetail division that has been working with Samsung for years for the launch of the main telephony products and not only.

The challenge is primarily against time: while press releases and TV commercials start, it is necessary to set up, in the shortest possible time, the largest number of points of sale with new graphics dedicated to the new product, new exhibition elements and exposure of the product itself in accordance with the customer’s guidelines. 

NovaRetail has ensured the coverage of 698 points of sale distributed throughout the national territory in just 9 days. 26 teams of specialized technicians and dedicated vehicles were employed all over Italy to transport the materials, providing photographic documentation and reports in real time, using a dedicated App shared with the setting-up teams. As for every product launch, Novavision has provided its support with an important deployment of internal and external resources. The project managers take care of the global management of the project with back office and front office activities, the logistics department manages the designated databases to arrange appointments on the points of sale as well as the progress of the installations directly shared with the customer through the INSIDE online portal, the warehouse deals with the preparation of all the materials and equipment necessary for each individual installation, divided by point of sale, also working on night shifts to meet the deadlines and to achieve the goal. Specific training activities are constantly carried out for the teams involved before the start of the installations. A real “task force” with a clear mission: to complete the launch of the new product in the best possible way and on time.

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Samsung materials registered and sorted on SVP
Live Demo Units installedinstalled
Number of shipments/collectionsin a single day
Number of teamsdeployed
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Galaxy S21 launch

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